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1) is suitable for use with smooth surfaces such as tiles, windows, furniture and walls. In order to have optimum results, it is absolutely essential that the surface is clean, dry and free of dust, silicon and grease.

2) First hold the film against the wall in the position where you wish to stick your Mark the corners. Lay the entire film down on an even surface such that the white backing material is on top.

3) Peel back a corner of the backing material and then slowly peel it off completely, pulling at a very low angle.

4) If your sticks to the white backing material in isolated places, fold it back to its initial position and press it firmly in place.

5) Now hold your with its adhesive side up to the markings and stick it to the wall accordingly.
Before you peel off the upper, transparent backing film, smooth the edges of your firmly to the underlying surface using for instance a plastic scraper or some similar object (important: may not have sharp edges!).

6) Peel back a corner of the adesive film and then slowly peel it off the, once again pulling at a very low angle.

Damaged silviastickers.con cannot be returned for replacement or refund.
We assume no liability for any underlying surface damaged via film application.